Big I Indiana Rebranding

Over the years, we have been referred to by two names, the Independent Insurance Agents of Indiana (IIAI), and the Big I. That nickname originated from an old logo that included, you guessed it, a large letter “I”. Though most people in the industry know us as the Big I, that’s never actually been the name of the organization. That’s about to change as we officially embrace the long-used nomenclature.

“The rebranding of the Independent Insurance Agents of Indiana to Big I Indiana is a reinforcement of how many of our members, company Partners, and the legislative and regulatory communities have known our association for years,” said Big I Indiana CEO Steve Duff. “This rebranding initiative allows us to reintroduce our staff and the products and services that we offer to our members.

“The benefits of being a Big I Indiana member are endless and implementing this exciting change in brand will help us show our members what we do for them on a daily basis.”

The new brand and logo will be used on all communications and promotions moving forward. The name will change, but the rest will stay the same. Staff email addresses, our website, and all other contact information will not change. We have been, and always will be, your Big I Indiana. Now it’s just official.

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