Big I Advantage® Virtual Risk Consultant

VRC, powered by Rough Notes, is a trusted insurance knowledge base platform available at a discount to Big I members. Quickly get the information you need to understand your customers’ operations and exposures while identifying appropriate coverages. Gain access to the resources your agency needs, such as E&O checklists, sales and marketing tools, proposal language, plus training and development support.

Big I Professional Liability Program claims data reveals that about 40% of claims involve failure to procure coverage and/or failing to adequately identify exposures.

How can VRC assist?

  1. By helping to understand exposures of businesses in more than 650 different industries, including recommended minimum coverages.
  2. By allowing them to create and print comprehensive questionnaires to collect the information necessary to complete ACORD applications.
  3. By providing a comprehensive list of coverages with succinct definitions to enhance understanding at the point of sale.
  4. By offering important customer file documentation in the form of a comprehensive checklist of coverages offered, accepted, rejected or not applicable which is signed by the customer and stored in the file. 

Discount Pricing

Big I members receive $200 off of the Advantage-Plus by entering promo code IIABA. 



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