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The Independent Insurance Agents of Indiana, Inc. (IIAI), has one of the most active and successful state government affairs programs in the country. This is due to several factors including having a knowledgeable and active grassroots network and utilizing a strong political action committee, IPAC. On the federal level, the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America (IIABA) employs a team of lobbyists to monitor and impact legislation that is regularly considered by the US Congress and Senate that could influence your business. It also has one of the most well-funded and influential business PACs in the country, InsurPac. Because of the highly regulated nature of the insurance industry, particularly to agents, the IIAI and IIABA government affairs programs are two of the most important benefits that you receive for paying your dues dollars to your association. There are hundreds of bills introduced each session that could positively or negatively impact independent agents that are followed and acted upon by the IIAI and IIABA.


Your federal political action committee (InsurPac) plays a key role in the Big Is legislative success. InsurPac raises money to contribute to candidates running for federal office, while increasing agent visibility on Capitol Hill and empowering members to participate in the political process. Questions or concerns? Please contact

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The IIAI’s state political action committee, IPAC, serves a similar role to our government affairs efforts as InsurPac, only on the state level.  The bottom line on IPAC is that it is one of three prongs to our government affairs and advocacy efforts on your behalf, in addition to direct lobbying and a strong grassroots presence. 

Contributions are made to candidates running for state office who are sensitive to the ideals of independent agents, small businesses and, most importantly, the insurance-buying public.  Indiana is viewed as one of the best states to write property and casualty insurance, and that is not by accident. Your association supports candidates, regardless of political party, who understand the importance of our industry to the state and how vital it is to keep the insurance industry strong and vibrant. 

We urge you and others within your agency to support IPAC to help ensure the continued vitality of the insurance industry in Indiana. Contributions to IPAC may be individual and/or corporate (remember, InsurPac and other federal PACs may not accept corporate contributions) and are not tax deductible.  

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