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Additional E&O Webinars Available Via Agents & Brokers Education Network (ABEN)

ABEN is a partnership between Big I state associations around the country offering continuing education using premier, live webcast technology. ABEN's catalog has courses from some of the best presenters in the insurance industry, covering a wide range of relevant topics. With ABEN, the live webcast will stream right into your office, along with related course material and the ability to ask questions and interact with other students as well as with the instructor.

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Loss Control Discount

This 10% discount is available at each Westport policy anniversary for Big I member agencies that complete the approved E&O Loss Control Course.  For Westport policyholders, the discount will be applied back to the renewal date of the policy if the agency qualifies within 30 days of the renewal date.  The discount applies for two years, as long as you don't have a “chargeable” claim, and as long as the agency maintains sufficient staff attendance to fulfill the loss control attendance requirement.  (See definition of "chargeable" claim on the E&O page.)  If a chargeable claim does occur, the loss control credit may be regained one time by re-attending the loss control seminar prior to the following policy anniversary.

 The number of people required to complete the course is based on the size of your agency:

Agency Staff Size


Attendees Required




1 Attendee

Active Agency 
Principal, Partner or Officer



3 Attendees
Made up of:

Active Agency 
Principal, Partner or Officer



25% of staff
Made up of:

Active Agency 
Principal, Partner or Officer

Any combination of  
Producers, CSRs, Active Agency Principals, Owners, Partners, Officers, or Operations Managers





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