Basics and Beyond Training

You’ve been an agent for a year or two, the ride has been incredible! You like the business, the relationships and the challenge; and you suddenly realize insurance is complicated, confusing and sometimes frustrating. 

Because insurance is so complex, you have to take control of your training - learning and professional development must be intentional. Simply complying with annual CE requirements or other such “accidental” learning won’t get you where you want or NEED to be professionally.  

The Big I’s Virtual University (VU) has partnered with the Agent Broker Education Network (ABEN) to develop and produce a 24-hour program that allows you to take control of your learning and make your professional growth intentional. This eight-part series Basics and Beyond,  is designed to allow you to “skip over” three or more years of accidental learning. 
In just 24 hours you intentionally learn more than you will accidentally learn over the next 6,000 hours. Each session offers amazing depth and detail. Here is what you learn: 

Session 1 – Risk, Risk Management and Insurance: Why Agents Are NOT Risk Managers 
Session 2 – Understanding the Insurance Industry: From Regulations to Operations 
Session 3 – The Law of Insurance Contracts and the ‘Rules’ of Policy Interpretation  
Session 4 - Torts, Negligence and Legal Liability 
Session 5 – The Basics of Contractual Risk Transfer, Additional Insureds and Certificates of Insurance 
Session 6 - Premium Auditing – What Every Agent Must Know 
Session 7 – The Basics of Commercial Property Underwriting and Rating: COPE 
Session 8 – The Basics of Property Values and Coinsurance Conditions 

This VU/ABEN partnership makes it easy for you to be intentional about your future because every class is presented electronically. And even though you aren’t sitting in a class, you still have the opportunity to ask and receive answers to your questions via email – and you can review questions and answers asked by others.   




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