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4/13/2021Errors and Omissions Duties, Operations, ChecklistsAgents who focus on E&O loss prevention fortify their agency from potentially devastating claims while improving the customer experience. In this course, agents will learn best practices regarding agent’s duties, agency operations, using checklists and other exposures present in the day-to-day operations of most agencies.3.00041321AM
4/13/2021Dead or Alive The Many Functions of Life InsuranceThe purpose of this course is to describe in depth the many benefits, uses, and ways that life insurance can be leveraged while you’re still alive. Many intricacies of policies have living benefits that can be utilized prior to death. This course will focus on ten features and benefits that exist within most permanent life insurance policies, how to identify them, and/or how to access them.3.00041321PM
4/15/2021Adventures in Aging Understanding SS and MedicareOver the last five decades, Chris Amrhein has evolved into one of the insurance industry’s most trusted resources/statesman. Join Chris as he blends his professional and personal experience with Social Security and Medicare into this interactive, informative (and dare we say…fun?!) course. To earn CE credit for attending this course is a nice bonus, but we hope you’ll see it for what it truly is: an experience that will change your life as well as the lives of those around you. These programs are essential to every American and you’ll discuss them from the ground up – eligibility, enrollment, changes, costs, benefits, limitations and just about everything else. Whether the information is for the benefit of your clients, your family, and/or yourself, you’ll be ready to help.3.00041521
4/20/2021Insuring Commercial Transportation ExposuresBusinesses that use autos need commercial auto coverage.  The type, use, ownership and many other factors associated with these autos will dictate the coverage form most effective in transferring risk for each client. This presentation will address two commonly used auto forms: the Business Auto Coverage Form and the Motor Carrier Coverage Form and discuss why/when a particular form should be used.3.00042021
4/21/20211 Hour with Nicole: Homeowners Loss Settlement IssuesLoss settlement is often questioned by insureds at time of purchase and misunderstood by agents at time of loss.  This brief course goes through loss settlement, including examples, to gain greater understanding of this essential function in the policy.1.00042121
4/22/2021Personal Lines Coverage Concerns: Annoying But ImportantThis course is further evidence that, even though we deal with them daily, personal lines insurance policies are packed with coverage concerns recognizable only to the well-trained eye. Join Scott Treen as he reviews a variety of annoying but important auto and homeowner’s coverage concerns found in policies sold daily by agents everywhere.3.00042221AM
4/22/2021Homeowners In Real Life: Tales of Claims & CoverageOnce a policy is written, all it requires is renewals and varying degrees of service….until a claim occurs!  Take a deep dive in to some claims examples that range from dog bites to burglaries, renovations to total losses, and how each claims triggers (or doesn’t!) specific parts of the homeowners policy.3.00042221PM
4/27/2021Coverage Problems Your Contractors HateThis course examines a variety of inland marine exposures faced by contractors and the policies available to cover those exposures.  We will discuss builders’ risk coverage, installation floaters and contractors’ equipment policies.  For each topic, we will discuss the coverage afforded by commonly used forms and some of the exclusions to watch out for.   We will then discuss certain features of the Commercial General Liability policy and endorsements that are sometimes added.  We will focus on the effect these features and endorsements have on a contractor’s insurance program.3.00042721AM
4/27/2021Culture, Ethics and Errors and OmissionsGood (and error-avoiding) habits begin with good decision making. It sounds like a no-brainer, but employees in agencies across America struggle with this every day, souring agency culture and leading to costly E&O claims. Join agency principal and long-time insurance educator Terry Tadlock as he guides you through the many methods available to improve your agency’s culture and reduce its E&O exposure through an emphasis on ethical conduct.3.00042721PM
4/28/20211 Hour with Cathy: Truly Awful CGL EndorsementsThis course will familiarize the participants with some of the endorsements that can severely restrict coverage under the Commercial General Liability (CGL) Policy.  We will review several ISO endorsements and see examples of non-standard endorsements often used by insurers.1.00042821
4/29/2021Insurance Jeopardy! Personal & Commercial LinesThis…Is…Insurance Jeopardy! Your host, instructor and master insurance technician Steve Lyon uses a Q&A format to gauge your understanding of complicated insurance coverage issues in a variety of commercial and personal lines exposures. You’ll love the interactivity…but don’t forget to answer in the form of a question!3.00042921AM
4/29/2021Exposures that Prove Why ALL Employers Need EPL CoverageThis course addresses many employment-related liability exposures faced by today’s employers: sexual harassment in the age of #MeToo, employee privacy concerns, discrimination claims, retaliation claims, wage and hour claims and more.  We will discuss methods used to identify and insure such employment-related exposures and what features to look for in an Employment Practices Liability (EPL) policy.3.00042921PM
5/4/2021Commercial Property - Direct vs Indirect DamageWe often sell direct and indirect damage coverages together, but did you know that these forms have little in common and do not require that one be purchased with the other?  This course will include a discussion on some the differences between a direct damage property form and the indirect options available to commercial lines customers.  We will explore some of the unique conditions and provisions in the Insurance Services Office (ISO) Building and Personal Property Coverage form and the ISO Business Income & Extra Expense forms.3.00050421
5/11/2021The Small or Hobby FarmThe small farmer has always been with us. Insurance company’s appetite for this type of insured has waxed and waned. Are they commercial risks or personal lines risks? This session will make it very clear the small farmer is BOTH. As such, agents attending this presentation will find that Farm Liability and Farm Property coverages have areas where they do a good job and areas where they leave the insured with uncovered exposures. The same can be said for Commercial General Liability and Commercial Property coverages. To add to the confusion, many times insurance companies seem a bit confused – often personal lines underwriters, handling the business and commercial needs, are not as well understood as they should be. When these risks are being underwritten in the commercial lines department, confusion often exists there too – particularly as to personal liability exposure. As always, the insurance professional MUST be conversant in both arenas to meet the needs of these clients.3.00051121AM
5/11/2021Adventures in Aging Financially Surviving RetirementTo earn CE credit for attending this course is a nice bonus, but we hope you’ll see it for what it truly is: an experience that will change your life as well as the lives of those around you. People are terrified of outliving their money and the large bills that come with rising cost of living, medical bills and end-of-life costs. This course explores a variety of financial tools and insurance products to help manage such costs. Whether the information is for the benefit of your clients, your family, and/or yourself, you’ll be ready to help.3.00051121PM
5/12/20211 Hour with Nicole: Personal Umbrella Issues & AnswersPersonal Lines Umbrellas aren’t just for high value accounts.  This course goes through the coverages and differences between umbrellas policies and excess liability policies, including examples, to help insureds understand the importance of such coverage.1.00051221
5/13/2021Personal Lines Clients and Their New NormalA side-effect of the pandemic is that many of our personal lines insureds – for better or worse - had to make changes in the way they live, work, and educate. Even in a post-pandemic world, many such lifestyle changes will continue. Join Nicole as she discusses effects this “new norm” has on homeowners and auto policies.3.00051321
5/18/2021Ethics: Essentials for the Insurance ProducerThis course begins with an overview of ethics and various approaches to ethical decision-making. We will discuss the responsibilities of the insurance producer to insurance carriers, prospects and clients, and to third parties.  Throughout the course, we will discuss various ethical dilemmas insurance producers face and possible solutions.3.00051821
5/19/20211 Hour with Corey: Valuation Issues with Custom CarsInsurance professionals should expect three things from this Personal Lines Auto course: (1.) an overview of the dilemma of highly-customized vehicles in valuating during a claim, (2.) interesting examples of the multi-faceted phenomenon of adding a plethora of after-market parts and customization to cars and trucks, and (3.) insurance solutions to mitigate the complexity and add solutions to your sales style and agency protocol. You’ll leave this course with enough knowledge to inform clients of expectations concerning their altered vehicle, prepare proper documentation of customization, and work with claims to garner a consumer-friendly valuation of the car or truck.1.00051921
5/20/2021How/Where the %^&* Will I Live? - Insurance SolutionsInsurance professionals should expect three things from this course: 1) overview of data and demand for insurance products to assist with financing long-term care needs, 2) interesting societal dilemmas, and 3) structuring a policy and alternative funding sources. Agents will leave this course with enough knowledge to assist insureds through a common, stressful, and legitimate concern: “what if my long life makes me/my family broke?”3.00052021

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