Coronavirus: Member Info and Resources

The members of the Big I Indiana are at the center of everything that your association does for you. We understand that we have all entered uncharted waters with regard to the Coronavirus outbreak and our utmost concern is for the well-being of all of our agencies and employees.

Cancellation of Events and CE

It's probably no surprise to you that due to the virus, Big I in-person events will be cancelled or rescheduled, likely through May. We are closely monitoring this situation and will keep registrants updated about all events that are scheduled in the coming weeks. The National Alliance (CIC/CRM, etc.) is also offering a case-by-case review for extension requests by contacting them directly at (800) 633-2165.

Meanwhile, we have plenty of web-based CE options which may be particularly helpful during these next few weeks and we will be sending an email with detailed information in the coming days.

Indiana Auto Insurers Offering Premium Savings Programs to Help Hoosiers Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Indiana Department of Insurance Commissioner Stephen W. Robertson recently approved requests from several auto insurance carriers to offer refunds, credits and other programs for consumers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The total estimated amount of savings to consumers is over $129 million dollars. Indiana is already one of the states with the lowest auto insurance rates. 
“I want to personally thank all of the auto insurers who have stepped up to help Hoosiers by offering discount, refund and credit programs during this pandemic,” said Commissioner Robertson. 
A list of companies offering a program for their customers due to the COVID-19 pandemic can be found on the Indiana Department of Insurance COVID-19 Actions, Auto Insurance Rates.



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